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A Participatory Action Project of the Beloved Community Partnership Team


What makes this a

“Brave Space”?

A brave space is a space where participants feel comfortable learning, sharing, and growing. A brave space is inclusive to all races, sexes, genders, abilities, immigration status, and lived experiences. Everyone in the space acknowledges that there may be some discomfort due to discussing topics that may be uncomfortable in nature.

Why create a

“Beloved Community”?

Insert philosophical thought and background synopsis….

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Imam Warith Deen Mohammed


4 Part

Workshop Series

This Workshop Series is designed to be delivered for in-person retreat or on-line webinar


Examining the root causes of structural racism (human hierarchy) and white supremacy; and identifying them in various aspects of our daily life.


Evaluating the impact of structural racism on the loss sense of human dignity and begin identifying corrective approaches to human rights violations that have occurred within the 2nd Ward.


Identifying processes for restoring human dignity and engaging in dignified struggle/resistance against injustices and intolerance.


Collaborating to achieve racial equity, social justice and healing among members of targeted community by the development of a community-centered, service-justice model.

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Feel comfortable learning, sharing, and growing.

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